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Summer somewhere…

Summer is a state of mind. We are about breaking boundaries, being adventurous and enjoying every moment of our collective creativity. Together, we can make and celebrate the best of our lifestyle.

Our wines begin on vineyards like no other, with unique DNA prescribed by the biology of the soils, the yeasts in the air, the microclimate of the sub-regions and the crisp waters that sustain them. We love these lands and break our backs to tend to them well, knowing they are helping write the next chapter in our wine story.

Summerhouse seeks out like-minded people to enrich our story, broaden our thinking and expand our horizons. Among them are the multi-faceted yet single-minded team at Rapaura Springs, with experienced, talented and passionate winemakers and viticulturists who help make superb wines for Summerhouse moments.

Creating a community of collaborators from here and abroad, including a mix of creative talents from all walks of life, enables us to constantly evolve the expressions of Summerhouse. We’re about carving out space in your tightly packed days, because it’s always summer somewhere.


Vineyards & climate

A stunning place to live and a fantastic place to make delicious wines. Our climate is not too hot, not too cold. We’re surrounded by beautiful rivers, mountains and the pristine South Pacific Ocean. Our wines evoke their variety, region and vineyards, sincerely reflecting the purity and concentration of their fruit.


Located in the north-eastern corner of New Zealand’s South Island with the Pacific Ocean to the east and mountain ranges to the north and south, Marlborough has broad alluvial plains stretching from the coastline and gradually rising into narrow finger valleys, with a diverse landscape of spectacular natural beauty and bounty.

The region regularly claims the highest sunshine hours in New Zealand, enjoying low average annual rainfall at approximately 25 inches, and moderate diurnal temperature changes in the 10 degrees Celcius range. The climate is moderate, and coupled with the alluvial soils, delivers a long, slow, grape growing season which intensifies flavours and allows Summerhouse to produce distinct and expressive wines. This is cool climate excellence in action.

Marlborough - Blind River

There is a strong coastal influence at Blind River, which is known to be one of the driest sub-regions in Marlborough. The soils are deep, free-draining loams over clay-mixed gravels, giving Sauvignon Blanc concentrated herbaceous notes and elegant Pinot Gris.